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Member’s Forum Minutes
Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 at 9:30 am
At the Arts Centre

In Attendance: Yvonne Gibson, Heather Stuart, Stewart Carter, Jill Bates, Eileen McGowan, Petra Burgmann, Sylvia Ng, Stella Cairns, and Nancy Waddington.

1. Welcome: Chair Yvonne Gibson welcomed everyone at 9:43 am. She introduced new member Nancy Waddington who paints in acrylics and moved here a year ago June. She taught in Vancouver for 7 years and has produced and directed plays. Guest Sylvia Ng lives in Collingwood part time and recently retired. Sylvia used to paint watercolours and wants to get back to it.

2. Approval of the Minutes of Wed. June 4th, 2017: Jill Bates moved that the minutes be adopted and Stewart Carter seconded the motion. Carried.

3. Additional Items to be Added to the Agenda: Peak Art Program and street piano raffle draw.

4. Approval of the Agenda of September 6th, 2017: Eileen McGowan moved that the agenda be adopted and Petra Burgmann seconded the motion. Carried.

5. Outstanding Items from the Previous Meeting: none.

6. Reports
BMFA Board:
Yvonne Gibson welcomed us back to Members’ Forum. I hope everyone had a good summer. The BMFA and the Arts Centre has been bustling with activity over the summer. Having Ryan Sobkovich here in July was wonderful for the Arts Centre and brought in many new faces.
Animal Love Canadian Style was a resounding success bringing many high end artists into the Arts Centre and creating quite a buzz. The reception was amazing and I wish to thank all who volunteered to help out both at the reception and presenting the show. Mary-Lynda and her team created magic showing the art work to its’ best advantage.
Collingwood Arts & Music Festival took place on the August Civic Holiday weekend. Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate on the Saturday, damaging some tents etc., but Sunday was wonderful which saved the weekend. The CAMF committee will be taking a serious look at how and where this event will take place.
We hosted the Imaginarium Camp for 8-12 year old children downstairs at the Arts Centre for two weeks in July. This partnership is working well.
We are moving forward with the ArtsVest Program and have had some good results with sponsorship. Anyone knowing of any person or business who might be interested in sponsoring the BMFA or a specific program or event running here, please let us know.
We have set up both an Education Committee and a Creative Programming Committee so if you are interested in either please talk to Susan.
There are a large number of interesting videos on U-tube and Facebook that are capable of being shown at the Members Forum. First off I’m hoping someone will volunteer to learn how to run the equipment (computer and large screen projector) here at the BMFA to bring this component to our meetings. If you are or know of anyone interested in volunteering or have ideas that might be of interest to the MF please speak to the Education Committee under the direction of Bonnie Tammik and Pat Andrews.
As you see this month the Arts Centre is featuring Concrete Bronze & Stone and Galleries by the Bay. Please take time to enjoy this show. I believe there are some artist presentations during the month.
Don’t forget that Sept 23rd is Art Crawl and we will be very busy at the Arts Centre. Artists who have work in the Gift Shop might want to consider helping out if possible. We are also looking for other volunteers to help.
BMFA will have a booth set up at the Great Northern Exhibition (GNE) at the fairgrounds from Sept 22nd through Sept 24th. We are looking for volunteers to help man the booth. We are only allowed two parking passes, so arrangements will need to be made so the passes can be switched over to the next volunteer. Please talk to Susan if you can help.
In October, BMFA will host the Second Annual Storytelling Festival. The 6 Word Storytelling photography contest is now closed, to be juried soon. There will be an Architectural Panel Discussion on Oct 20th at the Simcoe Theatre. Check our website for all information on times, tickets and events.
I will close with a gentle reminder that we are again looking for volunteers to come on the Board of Directors. Each year we lose a couple of Board Members due to our rotation of members, and they need to be replaced. With the implementation of our New Strategic Plan we have a clearer view, so come and join us and share in our Vision of the future of the BMFA.

CAMF: Yvonne also reported on the CAMF show. The CAMF Committee would like to thank all volunteers, artists and musicians for all their help. It takes an amazing amount of help to set up this event and then to take it all down and put away. We have tried to send a thank you note to all of our volunteers individually. If we have missed anyone please let me know. CAMF had 27 registered Vendors/Artists. Despite the terrible weather and the fact we had to close early on Saturday August 5th, Sunday turned out to be a wonderful day and spirits came back up to close out the event. Attendance was low on Saturday but quite good on Sunday. Many thanks to Mayor Sandra Cooper and Dr Kelly Leitch our Federal MP for handing out awards.
Many thanks to Brian Graham and his team for setting up and taking down the event. Many long hours went into this and Both Dawn and Brian Graham looked after our new Youth Tent. Thanks to Jim Kinnear and his Trio and to Jim for setting up the music area, organizing the music line up and for filling in on piano when needed. Thanks to Felicity Kinnear who headed up our Silent Auction and made it a success with the help of Maureen White. Terese Connolly and her team did a fabulous job of BBQing hot dogs and sausages and Maureen Shaughnessy entertained a number of children and youth in the Children’s Tent with art activities and painting for the older children. Thank you for doing an amazing job. Judy Scopes & Eileen McGowan and their team ran our information tent, looked after our raffle draws, supplied coffee and muffins for a donation and filled in at artist tents for those needing a break. Thanks to John Kerr on website, Jim Cantrell for online registrations and Jeff Stephens for his survey, Leslie Worts for organizing and receiving all award certificates, looking after Town Window, extra signage and stickers and working all weekend at CAMF. Terese Connolly, David Rawlings and Jeff Stephens on putting up and taking down signage. Thanks to our judges: Frieda Linke, Suzanne Steeves, Paulette West, David Rawlings, Diane Timperley (Raglan Seniors), Anke Lex, Thanks to our Art Demonstrators, Jennifer Gauci- portrait sketches Seniors and Children, MJ Jones Acrylic demo, Diane Timperley Acrylic Surprise.
Thank you to our Sponsors: Raglan Village, Abbott Foot Clinic, Collingwood Toyota, Collingwood Nissan, Town of Collingwood, Downtown Collingwood BIA, The Peak FM95.1, Alexander Art Supplies and Collingwood Art School, Larry Dunn for Harbour Edge Parking Lot, Jim Kinnear for Sound system. Donations from Shoppers Drug Mart and McDonalds Restaurant.
Our committee members are Terese Connolly, Judy Scopes, Eileen McGowan, Maureen Shaughnessy, Felicity Kinnear, Leslie Worts, Yvonne Gibson, David Rawlings, Brian Graham, Dave Saunders, Jim Kinnear, John Kerr, and Jeff Stephens.
If I have left out anyone on these specific jobs please let me know.
Winners of Youth Awards: Ellie Duke 1st, Kada Shaw 2nd, Shayna Dobson 3rd and Liam Jackson-Hoag, Honorable Mention.
Winners of Adult Awards: Carlo Allion 1st, Diane Timperley 2nd, Monika Brauer 3rd, Anne Henvey, HM.
After expenses CAMF raised close to $1800, including revenue from Street Piano Raffle Draw and possible extra income from ArtsVest.

Storytelling Festival – Judy Morrison submitted a written report for the meeting minutes:
Our committee is excited to have a great lineup of events for the Storytelling Festival for the month of October.
6-Word Storytelling Photo Contest - Our two photo jurors, Rosemary Hasner and Jim Stacey, have viewed and marked the images online. The photographers with accepted entries have all been advised and they will be bringing their printed and framed images in on September 29th and 30th. The final jurying for prizes will be done on Monday morning, October 2nd. The show will be hung during the afternoon of October 2nd and finished on October 3rd. The show will hang from October 4th to November 5th. The Awards presentation and reception will be on Sunday, October 15 1:00 - 2:30 p.m. As well, prior to that on October 15th Noon - 12:45 pm. we will have Rosemary Hasner doing a Jurors' Critique Session for us. She will offer judges' comments on the pieces that were accepted into the show.
October 4 - We will have an Author’s Talk by Cecily Ross on her book “Lost Diaries of Susanna Moodie” at BMFA.
October 20 - We will host a panel discussion at the Simcoe Street Theatre on Architecture & Art, featuring Jim Campbell.
October 23 - We will host a luncheon and dinner at Azzurra whereby participants can dine with author Brent Preston and hear him talk about his book “The New Farm”.
October 29 - Children’s Author and Illustrator, Debbie Ridpath Ohi, will deliver a Found Art Workshop for kids at BMFA. Ticket information will be available for these events soon.

Simcoe County Heritage Quilt Project: We are one of 5 quadrants in Simcoe county that will become hubs for the creation of heritage quilt patterns painted on aluminum panels that will be erected on barns throughout the county. We do not pay; the county is underwriting the project as a Canada 150 project. They have secured a paint donation for the project. A brochure will be developed over time to guide visitors to view them. Recognition and logos will be on their website and in the brochure. This is a legacy project.

Gift Shop: no report.

Programming: Yvonne told us about the current shows in the gallery:

Concrete Bronze & Stone
Two Sculptors - Three Mediums
September 6th to October 1st
Opening Reception & Artist Talk, Saturday, September 9th

Regional artists Ann Clifford and Fred Hummel present a 3D feast for the eyes, from an appreciation of fluid lines through shape and form to the energy of raw power. Ann and Fred will conduct a brief talk on inspiration and process at the reception on September 9th, from 3 to 5 pm.

Galleries By the Bay
September 6th to October 1st

Regional galleries are showcased at the BMFA, each presenting a few pieces that clearly define their gallery offerings. Explore the rich culture in South Georgian Bay, from Stayner, Blue Mountain Village, Collingwood and the Town of Blue Mountains.

Volunteers: Stewart Carter said that 60% of the volunteer positions have been filled for the September Brass & Steel shows. Gift shop artists have been filling in during the week, but he is having trouble finding volunteers for the weekends. They are busy getting the schedule ready for October.

Art Rental: Eileen McGowan made the report as follows:
There are at present six venues that participate in this program. Our 2 new venues are PAMPERME DAY SPA on Hurontario St. and BARRISTON LAW OFFICE on First Ave. above the L.C.B.O. We are going to do the exchange once every SIX months rather than every FOUR months now:

1. COLLINS &BARROW co-ordinator Eileen McGowan email ( ) Ph - 705 429-7685. Exchange date is June 15th 2017 10:00-11:30. Intake included 36 artworks and 16 artists participated. Next exchange will be in Dec. 2017.

2. Pamperme Day Spa 27 Hurontario St., Collingwood (Co-ordinator-Susan Mogelin)- )--ph.705 241 8908. INTAKE DAY – Mon. June 5th(large paintings only). We received 19 paintings and 10 artists participated. Next exchange here will also be in Dec. 2017.

3. The Collingwood Medical Center (3rd Floor) Co-ordinator-Ida Warren-email ( ph.705 812-1028
EXHANGE DAY- May 31st- 7:30-9:15 Varied sizes accepted. Ida received 53 artworks and 18 artists participated. Their next exchange will be in Nov. 2017.

4. Bay Haven Senior Residence on Hume St. (co-ordinator Jill Bates) ph.-705 293 2936 Email ( Small paintings or 3-d artworks for showcases required. Exchange date July 5th 10:00p.m. (18x24 ) or smaller. This venue took in 22 artworks from 7 artists. They will have their next exchange in Jan. 2018.

5. Barriston Law Office (located above the L.C.B.O. on First Ave. in Collingwood) is our newest participator in the Art Rental Program. Co-ordination of this event was a joint effort between Sue Mogelin and Eileen McGowan. We took in 13 artworks by 6 artists. (mostly acrylic and abstract - very large.) This was done in July and will be changed again in Jan. 2018.

6. Blue Mountain Golf and Country Club - Contact Susan Cook at B.M.F.A.

Artwork is brought to the venue every six months and the work is hung by volunteers of the B.M.F.A. (BLUE MOUNTAIN FOUNDATION for the ARTS). The no. of paintings submitted will be determined by the venue co-ordinator. All painting must be fitted with wire, have an identifying label on the back and ready to hang. Narrow frames are preferred when possible. All artwork must be dry with outer dimensions no more than 9 ft. A waiver is then sent to the artist to be filled out when new work is brought in by each participating artist thereby excluding the proprietor of any liability (FORM B). 15 pieces have been sold thus far.
If artwork is sold the artist will be contacted to pick up their payment and to bring in another piece of art. No commission is charged. A 5% service charge will be charged to the artist if a credit card is used for payment. This is a perk with your B.M.F.A. membership!! Many thanks to the many helpers that made these exchanges possible. They included: Carol Bowden, Sue Mogelin, Lainie Bryce, Elke Mack, David Warren, Petra Burgmann, Adele Derkowski, Joan Garrett, Shirley Blatchford, and Jan Bennett.

Clerkson Committee: The following is a written report from David Rawlings:
Chari-Lynn Reithmeier, who had been chair of this committee for some years, was not able to continue in this role for family reasons. Susan Cook asked me to step in and arrange for the judging, while she took care of all communications and other arrangements for this year’s award. I agreed.

In the fall and early winter ‘16-'17, I recruited three very accomplished artists, who, along with Chari-Lynn and me, would make up the judging team. They proved to be a very conscientious, capable and willing group: Ona Alisauskas, Pat Ransom and Carole Rath.
Throughout the winter, the five of us communicated by telephone and email to familiarize ourselves with the criteria, standards, scoring system, etc., with the valuable experience of Chari-Lynn giving us leadership and thorough background research done by Carole Rath.
In April 2017, Susan Cook provided us with the names and application documents of five worthy entrants who were declared the finalists. They were:
    Victoria Huntley of Wasaga Beach
    Hilary Slater of Lafontaine
    Bart Ollen of Tiny Beach
    Adele Derkowski of Wasaga Beach
    Teresa Aubertin of Collingwood
Susan informed them by letter that they were the chosen finalists and explained that they were entitled to show and sell five pieces each, in the Clerkson gallery, for the month of June.
The team of five judges visited these five finalists in their home studios on May 8. Each judge used the 15 point assessment instrument as prescribed by the Clerkson endowment, and developed by Chari-Lynn and her committee of previous years. We applied the instrument independently of each other, to arrive at a score for each artist. Rather surprisingly, all five of us chose the same artist to be the winner, Hilary Slater!
Personally, I enjoyed this experience, thanks mostly to Susan Cook for her organization work, and to Chari-Lynn, Ona, Pat and Carole, all of whom made everything easy enough to be fun. All judges have offered their services again for 2018, and the winner, Hilary Slater, has offered to join our team!

7. Other Business and Announcements:

Peak FM: MJ Jones sent a message that the Peak Exhibit has been running for the past eight years. In that time we have probably hosted about 60 to 70 artists. Their work is displayed for 3 months and the artists have had an opportunity to speak on the chats program with John Eaton, the radio host. We have presented many artists from the BMFA and I am running out of interest. Each artist gets 10 feet of space along a long wall (approx. 3 to 4 paintings). MJ was present during the hanging and take down. She hates for us to lose the opportunity to showcase new artists and would like to find someone new to take over this job. MJ will steer the new person through the job. She would like to have this new person in hand soon or she will have to let the radio station know that it is being discontinued. Please contact MJ at ASAP so we don’t lose this opportunity.

U-tube/Videos: We are looking for someone to run the computer and large screen projector in order to run U-tube/videos and TED talks at the Member’s Forum Meetings. If you can help us please contact Susan at the Arts Centre.

8. Discussion: We discussed the comments critiquing the winners at the Juried Art Show as made by Ron de Boer (see attachment to minutes). Ron was one of the jurors to the show and has an art gallery in Owen Sound. We thought the comments were very helpful as to what a juror is looking for. It was suggested that we ask the jurors to do this for each show in the future. It was also suggested that the jurors make comments on the student’s work. Petra felt that the BMFA mandate was education and that this critiquing fulfils the mandate. These critiques should also be posted at the Awards Ceremony.

Member’s Forum Attendance: There was a discussion on dwindling attendance at the meetings. It was felt that people didn’t like the pressure of always being asked to ‘volunteer’ for activities and events. It was decided that the next meeting would be an evening meeting with a potluck dinner. Stella and Jill will try to get some people to come in and do critiques on member’s artwork in hopes of giving members a reason to attend the meetings. Stay tuned for news on that.

9. Adjournment: Before we adjourned, Yvonne held the draw for the Jason Alexander painted street piano. The winner of the painting was Eileen McGowan, and winner of the piano was Kate Vande Laar who has donated the piano to a family from St Mary's school who has a young musician in the family.

At 11:09 am Nancy Waddington moved that the meeting be adjourned and Stella Cairns seconded the motion. Carried.

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, October 11th, 2017 at 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the Arts Centre with a POPLUCK SUPPER. Activity for the evening will be announced shortly. (Please note that this is the 2nd Wednesday of the month as the Arts Centre was not available Oct. 4th.)