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Member’s Forum Minutes
Wednesday, May 3, 2017 at 9:30 am
At the Arts Centre

In Attendance: Yvonne Gibson, Heather Stuart, Didi Hanna, Patrice Clarkson, David Warren, Stewart Carter, Stella Cairns, Judy Scopes, Judy Morrison, Chari-Lynn Reithmeier, Dave Saunders, Jan Bennett, Len Bevan, Nancy Jackson, and Eileen McGowan.

1. Welcome: Chair Yvonne Gibson welcomed everyone at 9:33 am. New member Patrice Clarkson was introduced. She is an animal portrait artist and joined BMFA last September.

2. Approval of the Minutes for April 5th, 2017: It was noted that the minutes did not get posted on our website for April. They will be posted shortly. David Warren moved that the minutes be adopted and Stewart Carter seconded the motion. Carried.

3. Additional Items to be Added to the Agenda: Storytelling by Judy Morrison, and Artrapreneur by Patrice Clarkson.

4. Approval of the Agenda for May 3rd, 2017: Chari-Lynn Reithmeier moved that the agenda be accepted and Judy Scopes seconded the motion. Carried.

5. Outstanding Items from the Previous Agenda: none.

6. Reports:

BMFA Board: Judy Morrison made the report on behalf of Yvonne Gibson. The Board has been working over the last few months on a new Mission Statement and Strategic Plan, which was presented to a large turnout of volunteers at the Volunteer Appreciation Day on April 25th.

Our new Mission Statement is:
“To inspire excellence in Visual Arts through educational and creative opportunities.”
The Strategic Plan will be rolled-out over a 3-year period. It is dependant upon the continued support of our valuable volunteers. We will be working on Education, both adult and youth/teen; and Creative opportunities, both in Collingwood and in surrounding communities where our members reside; and consistent promotion and celebration of BMFA including social media presence and collaboration with other cultural organizations.

The Board is actively looking and advertising for new Board members as several of our current members are completing their term and one member had to resign due of health reasons.

Upcoming shows include “Animal Love: Canadian Style” in September and the Storytelling Festival in October, which will include a photo contest, one or two author events, a slam poetry evening and a children’s event.
We will have different Board members acting as liaisons with different groups. Judy Morrison will be the Board Liaison for Creative Programming. As such she will request reports from the show committees and relay questions or status reports to the Board.

Member’s Show: Nancy Jackson reported on the Member’s Show which took place January 13th to February. The Committee was Nancy Jackson, Stella Cairns, and David Warren.
Number of members who submitted work- 49
Registration: $30.00
Registration deposit- $1,470.00
Commission to BMFA @ 35% $220.15 from $629.00 sales
Revenue $1,690.15
Expenses- printing, visual signs, reception- $300.84
Revenue minus expenses $ 1,389.31
Members filled out entry form, submitted, January 5, 2017
Intake Monday January 9
Hanging Tuesday January 10
Take down Sunday February 26
Submitted work to fit 3 by 4 foot space-12 sq. ft.
Posters, card created by David Warren, printed by Andrew’s Copy Centre. Invitation cards were well used. About 200 printed.
Poster distribution was limited as there was no Members’ Forum in January at which time members were to pick up posters and cards.
Press release sent to Susan, late December and sent on to Leslie Worts. The Enterprise Bulletin and the Connection gave us great publicity.
Reception: Members gave money or brought in food, Jane Wallace did a terrific job of organizing goodies table. David Warren organized the wine bar. We lost money on this $130.00 but the bar was well received.
People Choice Award was won by Louis Davies. Participation by the public in filling out the form was excellent. Volunteers for the event were: Barb Hillis, Dar West, Shirley Blatchford, Maggie Cowan, John Cowan, Judy Morrison, Chari-Lynn Reithmeier, and Jane Wallace.

Juried Art Show: Eileen McGowan made the report for Jill Bates in her absence. The opening reception and awards presentation was held Sunday, April 23rd. It was very successful. Attendance was great - approximately 75 to 100 people. The show looked wonderful, and everyone was enthusiastic about it. Approximately 125 works out of over 200 entries were selected to be in the show. All are of high quality, but particularly exciting this year are the student entries. We were very pleased with the increased number of student entries - 79 as compared with 38 last year. Please take the time to view their works, and especially the winners. Many people have expressed their view that the work, " Eve's Enigma " by CCI Grade 12 student, Jill de Rilke, is the best piece in the entire show. There was a big round of applause for the students. I want to thank all the sponsors for their continued financial support, and also our 3 jurors for accomplishing so well their daunting task.
As well , I want to thank my committee for their dedication and hard work - Eileen McGowan, Ida Warren, David Warren, Elke Mack, Sue Mogelin, Gayle Schultz, Pat Andrew, Hilda Noble, Len Bevan, Jane Wallace, Paulette West, and Jan Bennett ( co-chair ) - what a great team! Also to the countless others who helped with Receiving, Hanging, Telephoning, etc -- Thanks. And Susan, who tolerated so kindly my endless daily questions and gave me a great deal of sage advice, and to Chari-Lynn whom I could have kissed when she offered to make all the title cards - thanks. And finally, thank you to Pat Osmond and Janet Allen, old hats at organizing this event, for their guidance.
I don't have a financial report yet but will at a later date. We do plan to make a few changes for the 38th JAS; you will be apprised of those in the fall.
In the meantime, encourage your friends to visit the show and shop early for Xmas!
Our committee will be having its wrap-up meeting and pot luck lunch on Thurs, May 18 at my house.
Also, there was a request for how many paintings were sold.

Gift Shop: no report. There was a request for a report on sales.

Volunteers: Stewart Carter was happy to report that he had only 5 shifts to fill in May.

Clerkson Committee: Chari-Lynn said that the committee had 5 entrants and that the committee would visit them in their studios on Monday. There are only 2 years left for this award.

CAMF: Yvonne said that Terese Connolly is looking for volunteers for this show being held on the August long weekend at the Museum. Volunteers can do a 2 hour shift or the whole day. At the end of May we will have Jason Alexander’s hand decorated street piano at the BMFA for a draw at CAMF for $5 per ticket. Ads will be put in the paper for the raffle. Many of the members suggested that the piano be put on the street to draw more attention. It may need a tent in order to weather proof it. Action: Yvonne will ask Jim Kinnear if the piano can be put outside the BMFA.

Other Business:
7. Storytelling: Judy Morrison said this event will take place at the BMFA in October. She has the brochure ready to go out to students so they can apply in this school year. Students will enter online and BMFA will print the photos and they will be part of the 6 words to tell a story event. There will be other events that month to raise money such as a children’s event and story telling.

8. Artrapreneur: new member Patrice Clarkson told us that she is a member of Artrapreneur which is a 15 week course with 16 people in it. The course is once a week on Tuesday nights and teaches them how to have a business plan, goals, promotion on social media, marketing, etc. It is a great opportunity and gets the artist out of the studio. At the end of June they will have an Expo to show what they have done. Students had to apply for the $115 course which is being run by Georgian College and the Town of Collingwood. Patrice said that it had been a great experience.

9. Discussion:

Art Rental: Eileen McGowan reported on some changes that have been made with the Art Rental Program. There are now five venues participating in the Art Rental program. We are doing the exchange every six months rather than every four months. Art is hung by volunteers of the BMFA.
The number of paintings submitted will be determined by the co-ordinator. All painting must be fitted with wire, have an identifying label on the back and be ready to hang. Narrow frames are preferred when possible. All artwork must be dry with outer dimensions no more than 9 ft. Each art piece must be accompanied with a FORM B emailed to you by venue co-ordinator. We will now be charging the venues $30 per month.

The Venues at present are:

1) Collins& Barrow - co-ordinator Eileen McGowan [] - new email address Phone-705 429 7685. Varied sizes. Intake TBD.
2) Bay Haven Sr. Residence - coordinator - Jill Bates - email ( ph. 705-293-2936 (smaller paintings and 3-D pieces) Intake July 5th at 10:00 am.
3) Pamperme Day Spa - co-ordinator - Susan Mogelin ( ph. 705-241-8908 (large pieces only) Intake- June 5th-2:00p.m. (contact Sue before hand)
4) The Collingwood Medical Center - co-ordinator - Ida Warren ( ph. 705-812-1028 - exchange - May31st - 7:30--9:15, pending confirmation.
5) Blue Mountain Golf Course - co-ordinator - Susan Cook. Contact her at BMFA 705-445-3430 (prefers very large pieces).
The program needs help from the contributing artists when hanging the art. More businesses have requested participation in this program, but we need more co-ordinators before we can accept any new venues. This program allows members FREE EXPOSURE and SALES without a commission!

Strategic Plan: Board Member David Saunders began the presentation. The Strategic Plan is all about evolution. John Lister was hired as leader as he has had a lot of experience with the arts. An organizational chart was developed and the Plan is a 3 year plan. It will keep adapting and changing as it is a working document. A new mission statement was done as well. There are 5 new program areas and we will need people to populate these. For this year we will concentrate on 3 of the program areas.

Susan Cook then carried on the presentation and told us that there is a summary of the plan on the website and also sent out in Muse. The three areas this year are: 1. Educational (workshops) 2. Creative & Collaborative (A show in Thornbury) 3. Revenue Development (sponsorships)
In order to get sponsors we need the programs. Artsvest will help us train to get sponsors and will match the dollars from new sponsors up to a maximum of $4,500. The educational program will be dealing with youth as they are an important demographic we want at BMFA and they are our future. Grant agencies and sponsors want to see our support for youth. Members can help by advising us of good sponsorship possibilities. Sponsorships need to be directed to a particular program and not to the BMFA in general. Susan is going to change the donation box up front to reflect this.
In the first year the educational program and creative program will be combined. Judy Morrison will be the creative program liason. Bonnie Tammik will be the liason for the educational program and Judy Scopes will oversee membership. David Ripley and David Saunders will work on revenue development.
“Sponsors” expect something in exchange such as advertising, and they want exposure.
“Donors” contribute dollars for support. It is a gift.
We have charity status and need to provide educational opportunities or we will lose our funding.

Kemp Award: as Barb Kemp has not been well and is recovering from a ski accident, Susan is starting the process for the Kemp award for ‘artistic projects that affect the community’. It is a $5,000 cash award.

Benefits for Members: Judy Scope has done a good listing of the benefits of BMFA membership and it will go out with the membership renewal letters.

Chair of Member’s Forum: Yvonne has done this for May and we will have Janice Thomson back for June. Nancy Jackson has volunteered to take the October, November, and December meetings. We will need a Chair for the September meeting. Heather Stuart takes the minutes and produces the Agenda in conjunction with the Chair. It was agreed that the agenda should be sent out earlier and hopefully be linked with last month’s minutes.

10. Adjournment: Judy Morrison moved that the meeting be adjourned and Judy Scopes seconded the motion. Carried.

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, June 7th, 2017 at 10:30 am at the Arts Centre to be followed by our Potluck luncheon.