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Member’s Forum Minutes
Wednesday, June 7th, 2017 at 10:30 am
At the Arts Centre

In Attendance: Yvonne Gibson, Heather Stuart, Stella Cairns, Jan Bennett, Paulette West, Patricia Andrew, Gayle Schultz, Eileen McGowan, and Petra Burgmann.

1. Welcome: Chair Yvonne Gibson welcomed everyone at 10:47 am.

2. Approval of the Minutes for May 3rd, 2017: as the minutes had not been posted to the website, no one had read them so therefore approval of the May minutes will be put over until the September meeting.

3. Additional Items to be Added to the Agenda: none.

4. Approval of the Agenda for June 7th, 2017: Petra Burgmann moved that the agenda be adopted and Paulette West seconded the motion. Carried.

5. Outstanding Items from the Previous Meeting: none.

6. Reports
BMFA Board:
Yvonne Gibson reported that the Board of Directors has been working steadily on your behalf. As well as the work proceeding on the New Strategic Plan, the BMFA have once again been chosen by the Business for Arts to take part in Artsvest. A team of five Board Members are completing a good number of webinars on how best to proceed and how to choose the right fit for Sponsorship. The Board of Directors are pleased to welcome a new member who has stepped up as a new director. His name is Jeff Stephens and his expertise is marketing.

Congratulations to the Clerkson finalists, Adele Derkowski, Theresa Aubertin, Victoria Huntley, Bart Ollen and Hilary Slater. I would like to congratulate Hilary Slater, winner of the Clerkson Award for $1000.

Please take some time to check out the Bay School of Art Students’ Art Show hanging in the Westcott Gallery. There are some amazing pieces of art. Congratulations to Sue Miller who took over the reins from Michelle Fleming.

Mark your calendar to make sure you visit the Arts Centre in July to take in the works of Ryan Sobkovich. This is always an amazing experience. Ryan was the student winner of the Juried Art Show a few years back and was a finalist for the Clerkson Award and has won numerous awards through Georgian College. We are very proud to be a part of Ryan’s development as a now mature, well known artist who made a plan and is sticking to it.

August brings us “Animal Love Canadian style”. This show is a mix of local and well known animal artists from Ontario. Charles Pachter, who holds the “Order of Canada” for his artwork, will be featured. Don’t miss this unique show.

Collingwood Arts & Music Festival takes place Aug 5th & 6th Saturday 9am-5pm and Sunday 10am-4pm. Please come down and visit us behind the Collingwood Museum (The Station) 45 St Paul St. to enjoy some wonderful artists and fabulous music. Grab a bite to eat and sit down to enjoy yourself.

As you can see, the BMFA Arts Centre has turned a corner and is now thriving. Special thanks go out to all the volunteers who are helping to create a wonderful environment to enjoy many forms of art.

CAMF: Yvonne also reported on CAMF. This is the 31st annual Collingwood Arts & Music Festival. We are looking for some amazing volunteers to come out and spend a few hours filling in for artists to take a break, help in the children’s tent, supply water etc. for artists doing an Art Demonstration, spend some time manning our new Youth tent, helping set up and take down the event, Volunteer to do an hour long Art Demonstration and many other small jobs that make this event so special. We also ask for artists to volunteer to be on our Judge or Jurist team. I believe the Heritage Quilt paintings on wood will also be happening at CAMF and will need volunteers to guide parents and children on painting a section.

Terese Connolly has prepared a Volunteer list which still has some blank spots to fill in. I hope you will spend 2-3 hours over that weekend to help us out.

Simcoe County Heritage Quilt Project: Susan Cook reported that there has been a delay in the start of the project as Simcoe County was waiting for the approval of the Delux Paint’s budget of $160,000 for paint for the project. Susan has lost her present contact and is waiting for the new contact person to get the project started. A base coat has to be done to the 8’ X 8’ panels. There will be 150 heritage quilts painted across Simcoe County. The BMFA heads up the western part of Simcoe County (Wasaga Beach, Collingwood, Creemore, etc.) and 5 art groups are responsible for getting their 30 quilts done. The quilts will be hung on barns that are visible from the road and there will be signage to be respectful of the farmer’s house. The people who paint the quilt will get credit in the brochure. The brochure will have the BMFA logo throughout. This is a five year long project but we can’t form the groups until Susan has the details. The Agricultural Society will be responsible for securing the barns on which the barns on which the quilts will be mounted.

Programming: Susan further reported that the August Show will be “Animal Love Canadian Style” and will feature Charles Pachter and 30 other artists. The show is full now. The show will be hung more gallery style and we will be investing in a Marketing Plan. The show runs from August 2nd to Sept. 3rd with a top notch reception on Thursday, August 3rd.

In the September Show there will be two sculptors, Ann Clifford and Fred Hummel, featured in the small gallery. Area galleries such as The Loft, Marsh Street Gallery, Mad & Noisy, etc. will be invited to get exposure during the Art Crawl which is September 23rd from 6 to 10 pm. and to exhibit in the larger gallery. An artist talk will be given by Ann and Fred on Friday, Sept. 8th from 5 to 7.

Storytelling Festival: Susan reported that this event is well funded and she is looking for more funding. A speaker event with possibly Jody Mitic, Jan Arden or Alan Doyle will be held in the Trinity United Church. There will be a free event at BMFA with author Cecily Ross. A slam poetry event will be held Sat. October 14th at the Simcoe Theatre free for youth in the afternoon and the evening will have a ticketed event with Gary Draper on poetry (guest speaker with GTLLI). BMFA members get priority ticketing. There will also be a children’s art workshop on Sunday, Oct. 29th from 2 to 4 pm with Debby Ohi Ridpath for a $15 fee. Susan has $8,000 funding for the October events.

While all this is going on, the gallery will feature the 6 word photo essay with students from 5 schools and adults (18 yrs. and older) for cash prizes. The BMFA will print the student’s photos and possibly frame them. The call for adult photography will go out soon and the judging will be at the end of August. A 6 word essay must come with the photos and Judy Morrison is the organizer. There is another funding possibility for Storytelling to support the youth funding. That may be announced in August.

The Storytelling show goes until Nov. 5th and then the Winters Gift show starts immediately and ends this year on Dec. 31st.

Juried Art Show: Susan reported that the show was well received and was successful with the reception. Four or five pieces were sold and there is approximately $3,000 going to the BMFA.

Clerkson Committee: Susan said that 2 pieces had already sold and that Hilary Slater won the $1,000 which was very meaningful to her as a full time artist.

Gift Shop: Susan tells us that Marylinda is helping on the Animal Love show for August with more animal themed related items. In July the gift shop will be reduced as Ryan Sobkovich will be exhibiting and he has a very large show.

Tours: Susan said the show tour to the Shaw Festival took place and was well funded.

Volunteers: Susan understands that some volunteers don’t want to do the front desk and there are other comfortable niches that they can work at. We need help setting up the August show. Intake will be July 31st.

Artsvest: this is business for arts programs sponsored by Trillium. They give hours to training with a one-on-one mentorship. Susan learned changing relationships with regular sponsors. The act of sponsoring is changing and we need to change too. Susan found it very helpful. The other question she had was ways in getting new sponsors. The BMFA offers a positive life experience (as opposed to health and death – Hospital and Hospice). We need to develop a better relationship with our sponsors and inform them of what we do. Susan will be sending an invitation to the Animal Love show to all our sponsors.

Art Rental Program: Eileen McGowan reported that there are now five venues participating in the ART RENTAL program. We are doing the exchange every six months rather than every four months. Art is hung by volunteers of the B.M.F.A. The no. of paintings submitted will be determined by the co-ordinator. All painting must be fitted with wire, have an identifying label on the back and be ready to hang. Narrow frames are preferred when possible. Each art piece must be accompanied with a FORM B emailed to you by venue co-ordinator.

The Venues at present are:

1).Collins& Barrow - co-ordinator Eileen McGowan ( - new email address
ph. 705-429-7685. Varied sizes.
Intake Date - JUNE 15th - 10:00 - 11:30

2) Bay Haven Sr. Residence - coordinator - Jill Bates - email ( )
ph. 705-293-2936 (smaller paintings and 3-D pieces)
Intake date - JULY 5th - 10:00 - 11:00

3) Pamperme Day Spa - co-ordinator - Susan Mogelin (
ph. 705 241 8908 (large pieces only)
Intake - June 5th-2:00p.m. (contact Sue before-hand)
Ten artists submitted art last Monday and 19 paintings were hung.

4) Collingwood Medical Center - Co-ordinator Ida Warren (
Phone-705 812 1028
Eighteen artists participated with 53 artworks hung.

5) Blue Mountain Golf Course - co-ordinator - Susan Cook. Contact her at BMFA 705-445-3430 (prefers very large pieces.)

Thanks to the volunteers: David Warren, Elke Mack, Carol Bowden, Jan Bennett, Lainie Bryce, Judy Scopes, and Eileen McGowan.

More businesses have requested participation in this program, but we need more co-ordinators before we can accept any new venues. This program allows members FREE EXPOSURE and SALES without a commission!

Eileen will be giving a cut-off date for telling your co-ordinator what you are bringing. Too many people are bringing things at the last moment and the co-ordinator hasn’t made plans for that.

7. Adjournment: Eileen McGowan moved that the meeting be adjourned and Petra Burgmann seconded the motion. Carried. The meeting was followed by the potluck luncheon.

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 at 9:30 am. at the Arts Centre.