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Member’s Forum Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, January 4th, 2017 at 9:30 am.

At the Arts Centre

In Attendance: Janice Thomson, Heather Stuart, Chari-Lynn Reithmeier, Beth Theis, Nancy Jackson, David Warren, Jane Wallace, Shirley Blatchford, Jan Ferrigan, Maggie Cowan, Carol Rath, Eileen McGowan, Fiona McGaw, Stella Cairns, Stewart Carter, and Petra Burgmann.

1. Welcome: Janice Thomson, Chair of the meeting, welcomed and thanked everyone for coming out on such a snowy day and wished everyone a Happy New Year. There were two new members. Petra Burgmann just moved from Nobleton to Wasaga Beach. She belonged to the Bayview Watercolour Society and does watercolours and jewellery. Jan Ferrigan has moved here from Virginia in the Fall and loves art and does photography.

Eileen McGowan brought to our attention that some members have difficulty hearing at the meeting and that perhaps we could use the portable mike. Janice will look into that.

2. Approval of the Minutes of Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016: Janice reminded everyone that the minutes are now on our website for everyone to read. Shirley Blatchford moved that the minutes of Nov. 2nd be adopted and Stewart Carter seconded the motion. Carried.

3. Additional Items to be Added to the Agenda: Tours report.

4. Approval of the Agenda for January 4th: Chari-Lynn Reithmeier made the motion that the agenda be adopted and Nancy Jackson seconded the motion.

5. Outstanding Items from Previous Minutes: there was a question about the Member’s Forum logo. Janice will look into that.

6. Reports

BMFA Board: Yvonne Gibson, Chair of the Board, was unable to attend due to illness and Janice read her report: HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!  It’s hard to believe Christmas is over and we are now in another brand new year.  They seem to be coming quicker all the time.  I want to thank all those who attended our Christmas party. It was a lot of fun and your donations covered the expenses so we managed to break even.  Also I wish to send special thanks to all members for their patience during the seemingly never ending renovations from the flood.  We all look forward to having Susan back upstairs in her office and I know she is chomping at the bit to make it happen.

This year we have decided to try something new for Members’ Forum.  We will be holding alternate monthly meetings on the Wednesday evenings (time to be discussed) to open them up to other members who are unable to attend the morning meetings.  Your February meeting will be held late afternoon or early evening followed by a morning meeting in March and so on.  I hope you will give this arrangement a good try so we may accommodate a broader range of members.

In the midst of all this turmoil we have welcomed our new board members and thank those returning to stand again for another year. At this time we are in the process of putting together a new Strategic Plan which means quite a number of extra meetings and homework for the Board. With all the changes occurring within the BMFA we need to look to the future and provide continuity for the next five – ten years both in terms of finance and to contrive to make the most beneficial use of the BMFA & Arts Centre for our members and our community.  If anyone has a specific request or idea please write it down and hand it in either at the Members’ Forum or to Susan. As your elected Board members we will do our best to accommodate the majority.

If you haven’t already checked out the list of workshops over the next few months please do so.  There are quite a variety of classes to participate in and I believe most Fridays will be an open day for anyone to bring their artwork or project to work in the space provided.

Lastly I want to thank Nancy Jackson and Stella Cairns who head up our Members Show.  Please volunteer to help them out to put this show together.

Member’s Show: is being organized by Nancy Jackson, Stella Cairns, and David Warren. The deadline for getting the entry form in is tomorrow (Jan. 5th). Receiving will be Monday, January 9th from 10:00 to noon with hanging being the next day (10th). The show opens Wednesday the 11th and is on for 7 weeks. The reception will be Saturday, January 14th from 4:00 to 6:00 pm. Takedown is Sunday, February 26th.

The entry fee is $30 and commission on works sold will be 35%. You can enter 2 new pieces totaling not more that 12 square feet. The show will only be in the main gallery as the workshops will be taking place in the Clerkson Gallery.

There will be bunkers for matted work in a clear envelope. The inventory sheets only have two spaces on it so if you have work in the bunker, you will need to copy the inventory sheet.

There will be a People’s Choice Award done during the duration of the show. One ballot per person please!

Nancy hopes to organize a critique evening and may charge $5 for the critique. Details to follow. If you can help Nancy with this please contact her at .

David Warren had posters for members to put up. Please give him your name and location of posters.

Nancy has sent out press releases and she will get the show on Facebook as well.

Stella passed around a contribution sheet for food for the reception. You can also contribute when you bring your work in at ‘receiving.’ When the committee has a list of participants for the show, a notice will be sent out for cash donations or food to be brought to the reception.

Winter’s Gift: Chari-Lynn reported that the show will take-down on Sunday, January 8th and has made $17,433.80 for December minus last week. This is less that other years but she hasn’t counted the last week. Total sales to date are $23,367.06. Last year the show charged an entry fee and 25% commission. This year they charged 35% and made the BMFA $8,178.47. The 2D works (paintings) didn’t do as well but are hard to give as gifts.

Gift shop: Chari-Lynn reported that a call to hire someone to run the gift shop has gone out and Susan is interviewing the applicants. The gift shop will stay open all year around. There are a few copies left of the ARABELLA book all about flowers for $85 (no GST). BMFA gets some money from the sales.

Programming: Chari-Lynn says that they are doing some reorganizing and will let you know at the next meeting.

Workshops: will be done in the Clerkson Gallery. Instructors are Art Cunanan (2 workshops), Michelle Fleming, Lori MacDonald, Bev Smith, Bonnie Steinberg, Sharon Barfoot, Sue Miller and Chari-Lynn on Zentangle. Open Studio is on Friday afternoons from 1:00 to 4:00 pm. It is fun to work with a group.

Clerkson Committee: Chari-Lynn said that Dave Rawlings will head the committee and there are only 3 years left for this award to emmerging artists.

Juried Art Show: no report.

Art Rental Program: Eileen McGowan said that there had been good sales this year – 14 in total. There is no commission and the artwork is up for 4 months and then it can also go to another venue after that. It is a good way to display your older artworks.


There are now four venues participating in the ART RENTAL program.

1).Collins& Barrow----co-ordinator Eileen McGowan

 [] -new email address

 Phone-705 429 7685

2).Bay Haven Sr. Residence-coordinator-Eileen McGowan

(Looking for volunteer)

3).Old Town Terrace Restaurant---co-ordinator-

Susan Mogelin (

Phone--705 241 8908

4) The Collingwood Medical Center-co-ordinator-

Ida Warren

Ida Warren (

Phone-416 566 6019

Exchange took place for venues 3 and 4 on Sept.6th & 7th

Number of new pieces of art totaled 41 with 25 artists participating.

Town Terrace sold FIVE pieces, Collingwood Medical center sold ONE and Collins & Barrow sold ONE making it a total of FOURTEEN artworks!

Exchange at Collins will be on Jan.24th from 12:30--2:30 and at Bay Haven on the 25th from 10:00-11:30.

There was one sale done by the BMFA Visa machine. Visa charges BMFA a fee so the artist will have5% deducted from their cheque if Visa is used for the sale.

Thanks again for the repeated help of Adele Derkowski Carol Bowden, Elke Mack, David Warren, Sue Mogelin, Shirley Blatchford and Lainie Bryce.

Co-ordinators were Ida Warren, Sue Mogelin, Jan Bennett and Eileen McGowan.

If you have not participated in this program I urge you to do so. !!No commission is charged if work sells!

Volunteers: Stewart Carter reported that Halina Shearman and Heidi Light organized the volunteer artists participating in the show for 10 weeks and it was quite successful. The show was open 7 days a week. The Member’s Show is on for 7 weeks and Stewart needs more volunteers for the first week of the show. It was suggested that the participants in the show be more active in the store as volunteers. It is an excellent opportunity for artists to talk about their work. Volunteers will be trained on how to do sales and there is a thorough book at the front desk describing how to do that. Artist statements are encouraged. To “tell a story” causes sales!

Tours: Janet Allen sent in the following report.



DON’T MISS IT!   May 30th and 31st, 2017


 “ME AND MY GIRL” Tuesday, May 30th 2pm Festival Theatre

Can a Cockney man give up his old life – and love! – to join the upper class. The sparkling and fun British musical hit.

 “THE MADNESS OF GEORGE III” Wednesday May 31st, 2pm Royal George Theatre

If the Head of State loses his head what happens to the State? The funny and touching true story of King George III.


9 holes of golf will be offered at The Niagara-On-The- Lake Golf Club, May 31st, before The Madness of George III.... Cost extra.


Our overnight stay will be at the Colonel Butler Inn.

PRICE: $350(double occupancy) / $450(single occupancy)

For 2 plays, Your Bus and Breakfast (Dinner and Lunches are not included)



Contact Betty Lou Sandlos at 705-444-0778 or esandlos

Other Business and Announcements: Janice reminded us that the February meeting will start at 5:00 pm on Feb. 1st as we try to encourage more working members to attend the Forum. Then the meetings will alternate. March will be a morning meeting and April will be late afternoon meeting and so on.

8. Discussions

Photography as a Medium: Fiona McGaw said that Carol Bowden suggested that we put a label on art for it’s medium but not on photography. ‘Photography’ should be listed in the medium space. And also list if it is digitally enhanced. Nowadays it is really hard to tell so it should be labeled what it is.

Board Members: Nancy Jackson suggested that the BMFA should have a poster or sign naming the Board Members with their photograph and their responsibility. This would enable members to know who to talk to about something. There was some confusion as to who was on the Board now.

Access to Membership Lists: Nancy Jackson asked about receiving an updated member’s list in order to find help for volunteers, etc. She say the list is in Excel which many members don’t have on their computers and it also has to be printed on legal paper.  Perhaps the list could be resized to go on 8x11 paper. Actually Nancy says all that is necessary is the member’s name, phone number, and email for purposes of contacting other members. There should be a way for members to indicate that they don’t want to be on the list. Also it was suggested that the list be available as you join. If a member wants a list for volunteer purpose please contact Judy Scopes, Membership Chair, at .

More Benefits for Members: Chari-Lynn said that they were working on this – benefits for both artists and supporters. They will also have more workshops for beginners.

TED Talks: Chari-Lynn asked if we like TED talks and there was much agreement so she will come up with more.

Arabella Presentation: by Diane Wilson was complemented on by Nancy Jackson as being very good. It was noted by Heather that the author talks brought in a lot of non-members attending.

Adjournment: at 10:39 Eileen McGowan made a motion to adjourn the meeting and David Warren seconded the motion. Carried.

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, February 1st at 5:00 pm at the Arts Centre.