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Member’s Forum Minutes

Wednesday, February 7th, 2018 at 9:30 am.

At the Arts Centre


In Attendance:  Nancy Jackson, Heather Stuart, Maggie Cowan, David Saunders, Stella Cairns, Yvonne Gibson, Jan Novak, Gail Fairchild, and Tamara Scearce.


1. Welcome:  Chair Nancy Jackson started the meeting at 9:43 and introduced new member Gail Fairchild who is a potter from Wiarton.


2. Minutes:  the wrong minutes were put in Muse which had the November report rather than the Dec. 6th, 2018 minutes so no approval could be made.


3. Additional Items to be Added to the Agenda:  Yvonne Gibson added CAMF and Simcoe County Barn Quilts Trail.


4. Approval of the Agenda for Feb. 7th, 2018: Stella Cairns moved that the agenda be adopted and Maggie Cowan seconded the motion.


5. Outstanding Items from Previous Minutes: none


6. Reports:

BMFA Board: Chair of the Board, David Saunders, said that he has a good board and that it is working very hard. The decision to move the BMFA to Simcoe Street was made by the Board, and they were unable to let the members know before it was final due to business and legal decisions. The reason for the move was sustainability and wanting the BMFA to survive.  There was a steady decline in the money and we had to reduce our foot print. The BMFA is run as a retail operation, and it is difficult times for retail businesses these days.  In the new space we will be paying a tenth of our overhead costs.  At 65 Simcoe Street there will be a small gallery and a small store next to the coffee shop. We will be taking our hanging system with us. More traffic is expected there and the Simcoe Street Theatre has been taken over by the town. Simcoe Street is planning a festival with the library and the Tremont. A new tenant for this building is almost approved and then our landlord will have to approve. It is expected that we will take over the new space June 1st and be there and open July 1st.


Member’s Show: Nancy Jackson reported that 33 members entered the show with 70 pieces of artwork hung. The reception had a good turnout. Nothing has sold yet, but the show is up until Sunday, Feb. 25th. We need more people to go through the show.


Juried Art Show: in Jill Bates’ absence, Heather read her report.  Jill reports that all is moving along on schedule. Most of the sponsorship revenue has been received; the good news is that we will have more than in past years. The call for entry is going out next week. Posters, bookmarks, and entry forms will be distributed throughout Collingwood and area during the next couple of weeks. The Simcoe Board of Education has been notified by email of the show, and individual packages are being prepared for delivery to each secondary school. Our jurors are in place. We always need help for Receiving, Jurying, and Hanging; if you can help out, please give your name to Susan at the BMFA.


Workshops: are ongoing. The Feb. 21st Sue Miller workshop is full. There are 2 more spaces in the Sharon Barfoot workshop; however, the Michelle Fleming workshop on drawing didn’t happen.


Art Rental Program: Eileen McGowan sent in her report as follows:

There are now five venues participating in the ART RENTAL program. We are doing the exchange every six months rather than every four months. Art is hung by volunteers of the BMFA.

The no. of paintings submitted will be determined by the co-ordinator. All paintings must be fitted with wire, have an identifying label on the back and be ready to hang. Narrow frames are preferred when possible. All artwork must be dry with outer dimensions no more than 9 ft.

Each art piece must be accompanied with a FORM B emailed to you by venue co-ordinator.

The Venues at present are:

1)  Collins& Barrow - coordinator Eileen McGowan  [] -new email address.  Phone-705 429 7685. Varied sizes.

 Intake Date- Dec.11th-2017

Thirteen artists brought in 35 paintings

Next exchange will be in June 2018

2)  Bay Haven Sr. Residence – coordinator - Jill Bates ( ) ph.705 -293-2936 (smaller paintings and 3-D pieces)

INTAKE date -Jan. 9th 2018

Eight artists brought in 24 paintings

Next exchange will be in July, 2018

3)  Pamperme Day Spa ---coordinator -  Susan Mogelin (

Phone - 705 241 8908 (large pieces only)

Intake - Dec. 6th, 2017

Ten artists brought 20 paintings to be hung.

Next exchange will be June, 2018

4)  The Collingwood Medical Center-co-ordinator -  Ida Warren (

Phone-(705 812 1028)-exchange- Nov. 2017

Nineteen artists brought in 53 artworks.

Next exchange is in May, 2018

5)  Blue Mountain Golf Course  - co-ordinator - Susan Cook

Contact her at BMFA - 705 445 3430 (prefers very large pieces)

6)  Barriston Law Office - co-ordinators - Eileen McGowan & Sue Mogelin

Intake was Jan. 10th, 2018

Six artists participated and 13 paintings were hung.

Next exchange will be in July, 2018

 More businesses have requested participation in this program but we need more co-ordinators before we can accept any new venues.  This program allows members FREE EXPOSURE and SALES without a commission!

Many thanks to the co-ordinators and helpers:

Carol Bowden

Sue Mogelin

Elke Mack

David Warren

Adele Derkowski

Janeena Pullo

Petra Bergmann

Lainie Bryce


CAMF: Yvonne Gibson reported that the show will be moving to the newly renovated Collingwood Arena for an indoor show for 2 days on Civic Weekend in August.  Yvonne passed around a set up plan. Set up can be Friday night or Saturday morning.  Positions will be “first come, first served” and you can use your own tent. There is lots of lighting and a system for music. As the show will be inside, weather will not be a factor. The Gibson & Co. bar and restaurant is in the alley on the north side and will be a good place for refreshments. The exhibit spaces will be 10 ft. with 2 ½ feet between.

Cost will be $55 for members or 2 spaces for $85 and non-members will pay $75.

Action: Yvonne will find out about wifi and lighting outlets.

Parking is free on the weekends in the lot beside the arena.

Yvonne is asking everyone to get their applications in early to take advantage of social media presentations. Send photos of your artwork to John Kerr and copy in Yvonne. Deadline is June 1st. It is hoped that the artist will be there but a representative can also be in the booth. Jim Kinnear is the manager of the music and will use local talent again.

Then there was a discussion on marketing. There will be art pamphlets, radio, sandwich boards at the entrance, people walking around to hand out things. Town signs will be up and social media on Ontario Festivals. Jan Novak gave Yvonne some marketing ideas that she will pursue.


Simcoe County Barn Quilt Trail: Yvonne told us that this project will produce 150 painted quilts to be hung on barns in Simcoe County. BMFA is the focal point for the west quadrant of the project and will produce 30 quilts. There is an “Expression of Interest Form” you would need to fill out and sign and the form can be obtained from the BMFA. Ruth Hurdle is the contact for the project. The boards are being painted in the BMFA basement and there are people available to guide you.


7. Other Business and Announcements: none


8. Discussion/Activity:  none as time was up.


9. Adjournment: was at 11:00.


NEXT MEETING: TBD – watch the website for it.