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Member’s Forum Minutes

Wednesday, December 6th, 2017 at 5:30 pm.

At the Arts Centre


In Attendance: Nancy Jackson, Heather Stuart, Stella Cairns, Eileen McGowan, Dave Saunders, Judy Scopes, Jan Bennett, Petra Burgmann, and Jill Bates.


1. & 2. The meeting began with a presentation of floral decorations for the holiday table by Richard McGregor of Blue Mountain Flowers at 207 Hurontario Street. Here is Richard in action:




3. Minutes Approval: as there were no minutes taken at the last meeting of Wed., Nov. 1st, 2017, approval was not necessary. Chair Nancy Jackson mentioned the meeting notes done by Judy Steele which are on our website.


4. Additional Items to be Added to the Agenda: none.


5. Approval of the Agenda for Wed., Dec. 6th, 2017: Stella Cairns moved that the agenda be adopted and Jill Bates seconded the motion. Carried.


6. Outstanding Items from the Previous Meeting: none.


7. Reports

BMFA Board: Dave Saunders said that the Board did not have a December meeting so he had no report. He did tell us that there were 3 new Directors on the Board: Jill Bates as Treasurer, Yvonne Hamlin for Marketing, and Jeff Stevens for Marketing. Then Petra suggested that the Board investigate opening the door to the Gayety more often to make full use of the gift shop. She asked that the Board examine talking to the Gayety to co-ordinate schedules. i.e. Theatre Collingwood.


BMFA Member’s Show:  by Nancy Jackson and Stella Cairns. Stella is looking for volunteers.

Intake is Mon. Jan. 8th from 10 to 2

Hanging is Tue. Jan. 9th from 10 to 2

Takedown is Sun. Feb. 25th from noon to 2

The reception is Sat. Jan. 13th from 3 to 5

Stella really needs help with the reception by collecting the money and food offerings and to go and buy the food. David Warren is doing the wine.

Stella stated that we need to promote the show in a different way as ‘Muse’ doesn’t work. Nancy will find someone to do critique on the artworks. Jill will give her the information on Steve Zago who is head of the Art Dept. at CCI.


Juried Art Show: Jill Bates gave us the schedule as follows:

Receiving is Fri., April 13th from 2 to 7 pm. and Sat. April 14th from 11 am to 4 pm.

Jurying is Sun., April 15th from 10 to 4 pm.

Hanging is Mon., April 16th from 10 to 5 pm.

Phoning and Pickups is Mon. April 16th from 10 to 5 for works with 3 red stickers.

Phoning and pickups is Tue., April 17th from 10 to 5 for remaining works not in the show.

Show Opens on Wed. April 18 from 11 to 4 pm.

Opening Reception and Awards Presentation is Sunday, April 22nd from 1 to 3 pm.

Show Ends on May 26th at 4 pm.

Take Down and Pick-Up is Sun., May 27th from 11 to 3 pm.

Jill reports that the sub committees are in place and are working on it. The next committee meeting is next Tuesday, Dec. 12th.  Jill has been working on the sponsors and all are committed to contributing. The South Georgian Bay Rotary Club is splitting $1,200 between the Juried Art Show and Storytelling. The Agnora Glass company is giving $1,000 which is double last year. They will contribute for 3 years. The Committee plans to have a Hilda Noble Award in recognition of her 37 years in obtaining sponsors for the show.

The Jurors are Beverley Smith, Michelle Fleming, and Lorne McDermott (a former teacher at the Ontario School of Art).


Art Rental Report: Eileen McGowan gave the report as follows.

There are at present six venues that participate in this program.

Our 2 new venues are PAMPERME DAY SPA on Hurontario St. and BARRISTON LAW OFFICE on First Street above the L.C.B.O.

We are going to do the exchange once every SIX months rather than every FOUR months now.


1. COLLINS & BARROW - co-ordinator Eileen McGowan - email

 ( )   -ph. 705 4297685

Next exchange date Dec.11th 11:00-11:30


2. Pamperme Day Spa -  27 Hurontario St., Collingwood  (Co-ordinator-Susan Mogelin)- )--ph.705 241 8908

INTAKE DAY -Wed.Dec.6th at 2:00 (large paintings only)


3. The Collingwood Medical Center Co-ordinator - Ida Warren-email  ( ph.705 812-1028

EXHANGE DAY- Nov.31st 2017- 7:30-9:15   varied sizes accepted.

Ida received 53 artworks by 19 artists on that day.


4. Bay Haven Senior Residence - co-ordinator Jill Bates - ph.-705 293 2936

Email ( .  Small paintings or 3-d artworks for showcases required.  Next exchange date Jan. 9th 2018 at 10:00 a.m. (18x24) or smaller.


5. Barriston Law Office (located above the L.C.B.O. on First Ave. in Collingwood) is our newest participator in the Art Rental Program.

Co-ordination of this event was a joint effort between Sue Mogelin and Eileen McGowan

Next exchange is Wed. Jan. 10th at 1:00


6. Blue Mountain Golf and Country Club - Contact Sue Cook at B.M.F.A.

Artwork is brought to the venue every six months and the work is hung by volunteers of the B.M.F.A. (BLUE MOUNTAIN FOUNDATION for the ARTS).  The number of paintings submitted will be determined by the venue co-ordinator.  All paintings must be fitted with wire, have an identifying label on the back and ready to hang. Narrow frames are preferred when possible. All artwork must be dry with outer dimensions no more than 9 ft.

A waiver is than sent to artist to be filled out when new work is brought in by each participating artist thereby excluding the proprietor of any liability (FORM B). 15 pieces have been sold thus far.

 If artwork is sold the artist will be contacted to pick up their payment and to bring in another piece of art. No commission is charged. A 5% service charge will be charged to the artist if a credit card is used for payment.

This is a perk with your B.M.F.A. membership!!

Many thanks to the many helpers that made these exchanges possible.

They included: Carol Bowden

                           Sue Mogelin

                           Lainie Bryce

                           Elke Mack

                           David Warren

                           Petra Burgmann

                           Adele Derkowski

                           Joan Garrett

                           Shirley Blatchford

                           Janeena Pullo

                           Jan Bennett


8. Other Business and Announcements: none


9. Adjournment: the meeting adjourned at 7 pm and Eileen McGowan moved that the meeting be adjourned and Petra seconded the motion.  A delicious Pot Luck was enjoyed by all after the meeting.


NEXT MEETING: it was decided not to have a January meeting so the next meeting will be WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 7TH at 9:30 am in the Arts Centre and Nancy Jackson will be the Chair.