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Member’s Forum Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, April 5th, 2017 at 9:30 am
At the Arts Centre

In Attendance: Janice Thomson, Heather Stuart, Stewart Carter, Petra Burgmann, Marylinda Tait, Yvonne Gibson, Ida Warren, Jan Ferrigan, Stella Cairns, David Warren, Gayle Schultz, Patricia Andrew, Jane Wallace, Len Bevan, and Jill Bates.

1. Welcome: Chair Janice Thomson welcomed everyone at 9:31 am. Janice let us know that we will need a Chair for the next meeting as she is away. The meeting will be in the morning.

2. Approval of the Minutes of March 1st, 2017: Stewart Carter moved that the minutes be adopted and David Warren seconded the motion. Carried.

3. Additional Items to be Added to the Agenda: CAMF, curtains, and volunteers.

4. Approval of the Agenda for April 5th, 2017: Yvonne Gibson moved that the agenda be adopted and Marylinda Tait seconded the motion. Carried.

5. Outstanding Items from Previous Minutes: none.

6. Reports

BMFA Board: Yvonne Gibson wished to express her thanks to Susan and the Board of Directors for stepping up  and to Dave Saunders for filling in as Chair during her bereavement and illness.

Congratulations to Susan for putting together an amazing Flower Show and thanks to Board members and other volunteers for helping her hang the show.

On behalf of the Board of Directors I would like to invite you to our Volunteer Appreciation reception April 25th from 4 to 6 pm. Please come out and enjoy some refreshments and enjoyable conversation.   We will be unveiling our Strategic Plan for the next five years.

Jill Bates and her committee are busily preparing for the Juried Art Show intake on Friday and Saturday. If you have a few hours to spare, please contact Jill to see where she still needs help. Good luck to all who enter.

CAMF: Yvonne Gibson reported that the CAMF Committee held its first meeting of the year last Friday. For new members CAMF stands for Collingwood Arts and Music Festival which is held on the Civic Holiday weekend in August (August 5th and 6th). We are always looking for new artists to take part as well as extra volunteers on that weekend to help out in our Information Tent, filling in for artists while they take a break, help out in our Children's tent and our Silent Auction tent.  We also ask some artists to share their techniques by doing an art demonstration. 

If you are interested in any of these areas please let me know. Next month we will have sign up sheets on the bulletin board in the back hall.  We could also use a couple more committee members so speak to me if you are interested.

Member’s Show: there was no report from Nancy Jackson. Petra Burgmann asked about the People’s Choice Award from the Member’s Show. She noted that the award, if heavily promoted, engages people in the art and follow up and feedback to the show participants and the winner encourages the artists.

Action: Stella Cairns will follow up with Nancy and the winners can be announced in the next Blast and a phone call should go to all participants regarding their votes.

Juried Art Show: Jill Bates reported that everything is in order and that she has a good committee. She reminded us that receiving is Friday, April 7th from 2 to 7 pm and Saturday, April 8th from 11 to 4 pm. The show opens April 12th and the Opening Reception and Awards Presentation is Sunday, April 23rd from 1 to 3 pm.

Storytelling: Susan Cook reported that the show will have the 6 word photo contest again for adults and students. Applications are ready this Friday. Judy Morrison will speak to local teachers to get the students to enter. This year there will be no printing of the photos as they will be submitted online and the BMFA will print the ones they need. They are looking for speakers for the Simcoe Street Theatre. One is a poet who won the Governor Generals award. The theatre is booked for Saturday, October 14th.

There will also be a workshop for students. A local author from the Creemore area will host a luncheon and speak about his memoir possibly on Monday, October 16th. Reception and awards for the show will be October 15th. Both jurors will do their critique after the awards as last year. There will also be a free evening for members with a conversation with Cecily Ross. A children’s workshop for 30 will be held with a top notch illustrator making art out of found objects.

Gift Shop: Marylinda has been in charge of the gift shop now for 3 months and she loves it. She really appreciates Stewart’s work with the volunteers. She says that the key issue is lack to traffic. This impacts the people working there as it is difficult to get volunteers. Marylinda pointed out that we have a fantastic organization supporting art in the community, an awesome building, have great art and the gift gallery is up to par and the question is how to get people in the door. Quite a good discussion followed. What works is “word of mouth” - talk to your friends about the “BMFA Arts Centre” and get them to go and see a show now on.

Petra suggested doing a flyer that the gift shop is now open all the time and a portion of the sales goes back to support the arts. Mother’s day is coming – buy something from the gift shop. Stella suggested that other organizations are quite brutal about volunteers. If you have a piece in the show, you had to volunteer. Yvonne suggested having more representation at the Farmer’s Market. She suggested working out of Halina’s booth to promote knowledge of the BMFA. Len noted that the Georgian Triangle is saturated with artists and people have their walls filled with paintings. It’s a tough market. Janice suggested changing the front window so that it looks like something new is happening. Petra suggested using the time threat saying ‘there are only 4 days left of the show’ to give a sense of missing out. There was a further discussion about using radio and TV interviews to promote shows. It wasn’t clear if we were still doing that. Janice wanted to see guidelines for show committees about communication strategy and changing the window throughout the show. Other suggestions were having young musicians to come in and play on Saturdays, hanging artists can do demos, and put mylar balloons on the sandwich board at the front door.

Programming: Chari-Lynn was away but she is waiting for the Strategic Plan to lock in the programs.

Volunteers: Stewart was impressed with the enthusiasm of Marylinda and how she was taking time with the volunteer artists on cash and promoting the show and how to be effective sales people. We need to do more training with the non-artist volunteers.

Art Rental Program: Heather read a report from Eileen McGowan. We need to solicit three more co- ordinators since Ida Warren is stepping down from Collingwood Medical Center and so has Janet Bennett from Bay Haven. There is another venue interested but I can't do it without another three helpers. Could you put out the word and have them contact me at and I will go over the procedures with them. As Ida was at the meeting she explained what was needed from the volunteer. Changeover takes about 2 days of work at 3 times a year. You need to put out a call for art and then follow up. Three or four people are needed to hang which can be done in about 2 hours. Then you have to prepare a report to send to Eileen with the list of inventory. The art hangs for 4 months. This program is open to any artist and there is no commission taken.

Tours: no report.

Clerkson Committee: the award is $1,000 and we are looking for emerging artists. Applications are at the BMFA.  The deadline for applications has been extended a week due to low participation. If anyone knows someone please encourage them to apply.

Winter’s Gift: no report.

7. Other Business and Announcements:

Simcoe County Quilt Program: the quilts are heritage patterns and are geometric so it is like number painting. The panels are 4’ by 8’ and can be primed at the BMFA before the designs are painted. The finished designs will hang on barn walls. The area is divided into 5 groups and the BMFA will be the west hub. Susan Cook will provide further information on the project.

Art Crawl: Susan Cook said that BMFA would partner with Andrea Rinaldo and the BMFA would host the Art Crawl. Susan has applied for a grant and has received it. The exhibition will include 2 sculptors. Erica Angus wants to have Theatre Collingwood put on short plays in a tent in our back parking lot. Theatre Collingwood has 1,000 people on its mailing list and we want to make use of that list to get people in.

Basement Cleanup: Chari-Lynn Reithmeir sent a note that we are doing a clean-up of the downstairs at the BMFA.  We are finding lots of goodies including but not limited to, books, supplies, tools, binders as well as some artwork that has not been picked up over the years.  At the next Members Forum (May) we will have all the treasures we have found but cannot keep downstairs in the Board room.  If there is anything that you want please take it, anything left will go to the dump the next day.

Curtains: Pat Andrew reported that fabric had been chosen for the curtains for the theatre doors at the BMFA and that grommets will hold up the top. The curtains will be up in a week or two.

Pianos: Yvonne told us that Jim Kinnear is in charge of the pianos that are placed on the streets of Collingwood during the summer. Jim is having the pianos painted red and white for Canada’s 150th. Jason Alexander of Alexander’s Art Shoppe has donated a beautiful hand painted piano to the CAMF show for a draw and it will be placed at the BMFA in May prior to the show so that we can sell $5 draw tickets in hopes of raising $750.

Volunteers: we need someone to chair the Member’s Forum for the next meeting on May 3rd at 9:30 am. Yvonne volunteered to head the meeting but wants a volunteer to help her chair the meeting. It is not an arduous job. Janice Thomson will be doing the June meeting but will be stepping down after that so we need to recruit someone for September and onwards. Please contact Yvonne if you can help at or 705-445-2729.

8. Discussion/Activity: none – done in gift shop discussion.

9. Adjournment: Petra moved that the meeting be adjourned and Marylinda seconded the motion. Carried.

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017 at 9:30 am at the Arts Centre.