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The Collingwood Arts & Music Festival - 2017
August 5 & 6, The Station / Museum, Collingwood, ON

Artist and sometime piano-player Jason Alexander painted this piano and donated the painting to the BMFA as support for the Collingwood Arts and Music Festival. The piano itself is a donation by musician Jim Kinnear.

Eileen McGowan (right) won the piano. Eileen wanted only the painting. Further names were drawn, with Kate Vande Lar (left) winning the piano, who in turn donated it to a young couple whose daughter is very musical and wanted to take piano lessons. Congratulations to everybody!

We're Moving! CAMF 2018 will be inside
at the Eddie Bush Arena, in Downtown Collingwood

Click here for a Gallery of the work of the 2017 Artists.

Click here for a slideshow of CAMF 2017, Aug 7.

Click here for your paper 2018 application.

CAMF 2017 Winning Artists

  L-R: Mayor Sandra Cooper, Anne Henvey (HM), Carlo Allion (1st), Diane Timperley (2nd),
                        Monica Bauer (3rd), Yvonne Gibson, Dr. Kelly Leitch, MP

CAMF 2017  Youth Winners

L-R: Mayor Sandra Cooper, Shayna Donovan (3rd), Ellie Duke (1st), Dr. Kelly Leitch, MP, Yvonne Gibson.  Missing: Kada Shaw (2nd), Liam Jackson-Hoag (HM)

CAMF 2017 Volunteers

L-R: Rear: Judy Scopes, Jan Bennett, Terese Connolly, Diane Timperley, Eileen McGowan, Jim Kinnear
Front: Dr. Kelly Leitch, MP. Dawn Graham, Brian Graham, Yvonne Gibson, Maureen Shaughnessy, Leslie Worts, Felicity Kinnear, Mayor Sandra Cooper, Dave Saunders
Missing: MJ Jones, John Kerr, Nancy Johnston, Dorothy Kingsley, David Rawlings, Alice Scott, Jeff Stephens, Gloria Thompson, David Warren, Maureen White, and Pat Williams

Anke Lex
Frieda Linke
David Rawlings
Suzanne Steeves
Jane Tilly
Paulette West
Jane Wynne

Festival Committee:
Terese Connolly
Brian Graham
John Kerr
Felicity Kinnear
Jim Kinnear

Eileen McGowan
David Rawlings
Judy Scopes
Maureen Shaughnessy
Diane Timperley
Lesley Worts