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Michael Naemsch


“John & Alice Coltrane,” acrylic on canvas


"Dexter Gordon," acrylic on canvas

My central passion as an artist is to show the fierce emotions, determination and love that the Great Jazz artists bring to us in their music. As an artist, I feel it is my task is to capture the deeply felt emotions of Jazz Performers. I love the sounds of the saxophone and the trumpet, and I have created many portraits of Jazz artists while they are playing.

My portraits capture the intense concentration of these performers by using the best photographs from the best photographers. I thank Herman Leonard, a legend in Jazz Photography, as well as Charles Stewart, Lee Tanner and Bill King for giving me permission to use their photos for my artwork.

The Cobalt blue and Ultramarine tones in my portraits capture the mood of the ‘blues’ of Jazz. Gold and white highlights focus on their moment of ecstasy and joy that they express and share with us.