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Pat MacDowell


Born in Glasgow, Scotland, Pat has since lived in Montreal, Oakville, Newburgh (near Kingston) and now has a home in Durham. All of these places have been significant in Pat's artistic development.

Her parents were both artistic and encouraged her artistic endeavours at a young age.

After her marriage she moved to Montreal and began painting in oils, copying some of the old master such as John Constable, Turner and many others. She was encouraged to take art lessons which she did with an amazing teacher whose lessons she now passes on to her students.

After she moved to Oakville, another teacher became her mentor and taught her a great deal about watercolours. As a member of the Oakville Art Society she participated in many juried art shows and had paintings hanging in galleries in both Quebec and Ontario. At this time she was asked to teach a course at the Mississauga Visual Art Centre. This was a success for both Pat and her students, kindling a love of teaching which has continued to this day.