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Kaz Jones



Painting frees my imagination. Along with tried and true methods and a spirit of the adventurer, I provide opportunity for happy accident and grace to influence my final product. I choose to take everyday flowers, the humble tulip for example, teapots, vases, plates of fruit and infuse them with iconic status.

They are my monuments to an optimistic, thoroughly happy domestic life. My landscapes reflect my respect for the strength and longevity of rock and tree. My subject matter speaks to me of the beauty of the everyday and the majesty of nature's creations. The bowl of lemons in my kitchen, or the twisted Georgian Bay Pine speak to me with their simplicity of form, intricacy of construction, and brilliance of colour. Life catches my attention and calls to be painted.

The creamy richness of oils and their saturation of colour make them my medium of choice. I perceive my subjects from an off kilter perspective with an exaggerated sense of design. This joyful, happy-go-lucky view makes me smile. A professor of mine once said, "You don't paint subject matter, you paint who you are." My paintings are a reflection of me.