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Erika Dick


Running Home


Stormy Sunset

Killarnney Pond

Killarney Rocks

Sunrise at the Lake

Winter Moon

I love to paint. I love art in all its forms. Before I ever picked up a brush I visited galleries around Europe, Canada and the US. I still do.

To me paintings are magic-they have captured a moment in time and convey us into another world. It could be a world of the imagination, a different period in history, a geographic location, or the artist’s mind. Whatever the inspiration is, each painting is an adventure.

When I started painting I worried about the final product and how it compared to other works by other artists. Now I paint because I need to. I create because a part of me needs to express myself.

I hope that those of you who take my paintings home will find some joy in them. There is no greater complement to an artist than to hang his/her work in your home.

Come and visit us at Lake Eugenia, Ontario, Canada and see the original oil paintings. There is always new work. Call to make sure we are home.