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2017 Photo Essay Contest - Early Student Entries

Resisting the Lure of the Unknown

Student Rules of Entry

1. Open to Ontario students up to 18 yrs. of age.
2. Photo Essay Contest: Choose 6 words that tell a story and then present one image to visually illustrate your essay/phrase. You may manipulate your photo or make a composite of more than one image to represent your “story”.
Examples: A photo of baby shoes with 6 words: “For Sale: Baby Shoes. Never Worn” (attributed to Ernest Hemingway).
A photo of a rusty bicycle lying in the dirt with the words: “Once shiny and new, now forgotten.”
Judging will be based on the creativity of the submission (storytelling) together with the technical merits of the photo or composite. i.e. Don’t use a line from Hemingway or any other writer; you are expected to find your own words.
3. All images can be taken with any photographic equipment, including but not limited to camera, smart phone, iPad. Photos must have all been taken by the entrant.
4. Entry fees: Students up to 18 yrs. $10. per entry. A maximum of 3 entries will be accepted online per entrant. Entry fees are non-refundable regardless of whether images are accepted into the show or not.
5. To see complete submission guidelines, payment and entry instructions, go to, “Storytelling Festival”, then, after April 30, Submission Guidelines.
6. Digital submissions - digital images must be submitted online for judging with registration between May 1 and June 15. Entrants will be notified of acceptance early in September.
7. Printing and hanging of the accepted images will be the sole responsibility of the BMFA. At the completion of the show on November 5 the printed images will be given to the student entrant. The opening of the show will be October 4.
8. The entrant’s name must NOT be shown on the digital image.
9. Images must not have been entered into a previous BMFA competition or show.
10. Please indicate if your work is for sale, and the price, or if it is not for sale (NFS). The BMFA receives a 35% commission on all sales.
11. Judging Criteria: Does it fit the theme of the competition? Does the photo support the 6 word Story? Technical considerations - exposure, colour, focus, lighting. Originality - creativity, emotion, mood, WOW factor. Composition - organization, design, and space.
12. The Jurors’ decision is final.
13. Entrants must own all rights to the work and are responsible for obtaining model releases, when applicable. You may download a model release form from our website (click here). Signed forms are required if people in the photo are recognizable.
14. The BMFA, their volunteers, and contest sponsors will not be held responsible for any breach of copyright.
15. Although the BMFA reserves publication rights for images accepted into the competition, entrants maintain ownership of the images submitted and all other rights to their subsequent use.
16. The BMFA reserves the right to photograph the entrants, winners and their images for publicity, web posting, and other not-for-profit purposes.
17. Exhibited work must remain until the end of the show.
18. Images printed by BMFA on behalf of students will be given to them at the end of the Festival. Work not picked up after three months will become the property of the BMFA and disposed of at their discretion.
19. The BMFA and sponsors cannot be held liable for loss or damage.
20. Images not adhering to contest rules will not be accepted.
21. Participation indicates complete acceptance of the rules.
22. Check the “Storytelling Festival” page on the website for additional information.

Submitted images will be judged online at the end of September.
You will be notified of your accepted entries and the images will be printed by
BMFA. Please plan to attend the Opening Reception on October 15 1:00-2:30 p.m. to see all of the accepted images and the award winners.

The following cash prizes will awarded for the Student category:

1st prize $100.00
2nd prize $75.00
3rd prize $50.00

Student - 1 entry ($10)
Student - 2 entries ($20)
Student - 3 entries ($30)